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On October 6th, the New Moon in Libra will arrive. The energy surrounding this new moon is going to be pushing each of us to find balance, after a long year of change and transformation.

As we let go of what no longer serves us, and begin on new paths in various aspects of our life, the need to find stable ground becomes more and more prominent. If you are wondering what this energy means in conjunction with your journey, it will be different for each zodiac sign. Here is what it has in store by the zodiac.


Aries, you will likely be feeling caught up in a partnership and wondering how to move forward. The Mercury retrograde doesn’t help with this, and the need to keep pushing despite the standstill isn’t likely to help either. Patience is key, Aries.


As the Sun and Moon both arrive in Libra, and your sixth house of work, you may be feeling the urge to find balance in your routine. Try changing things up, and be sure not to avoid paying extra attention to self-care.


During this time, you will feel pushed to focus on your creative outlets and driving passions. If you are feeling extra creative lately, pay attention to that, and feed it.


As you have likely had many changes in your domestic and home life this past year, this moon is all about finding balance in your home life. It may help to change up your decor and reevaluate your relationships and your place in your home.


This new moon is bringing an opportunity to address your closest relationships, including friends, family, and romantic interests. If you haven’t had much time to tend to those relationships, and have had many changes in them throughout the year, this moon is pushing you to find balance once again.


The Sun and Moon will be in your second house- your house of savings. After a long year, and much accomplished, it’s time to truly focus on your spending and savings and find a balance between them. If you aren’t budgeting- it’s likely time to start.


For Libra, the Sun and Moon are both in your sign. During this time, it’s best to focus on finding balance in all areas of your life, especially if you are getting bogged down and feel a little all over the place.


As Venus moves through your ascendant, you may feel driven to take a long hard look at yourself. On a personal level, you may feel a bit overwhelmed and lost. Take some time of reflection- and think about what drives & motivates you.


The Sun and Moon will be in your social 11th house. Because of this, you are going to be driven to be a part of a community or group. Invite your closest friends over for a fun movie night, or venture out for a night out on the town. It’s time to touch base with those you love most.


Capricorn, it’s time for you to slow down. Take a moment of reflection on your habits, routines, and relationships. If you are struggling with finding consistency, you may need to change some things up, and reflect on the changes you have made over the past year.


During this time, you are going to feel the need to let your voice be heard. You are inspired to think about everything in a new light and with a new approach, and with new ideas comes new excitement. Just be careful not to get preachy.


The Sun and Moon are in your eighth house of responsibility, and with that, you will likely feel pushed to reset. What is it that you are responsible for? Do you have too much on your plate? If you do- while you may find it hard to ask for help, it’s time. The Mercury retrograde may make it hard for you to openly communicate your needs, but that too is pushing you to reevaluate how you approach the conversation.