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On October 6th, the new moon in Libra will arrive, and it will only be the kick start to an exciting new month. As Libra governs our thoughts, brings us balance, and restores relationships, this will not only be refreshing but also much needed.

Libra is an air sign and the element of air ties into our thinking and communication. The element of air inspires us and gives us knowledge while challenging the way we view the world.

The new moon is a time of new beginnings, new potential, new journeys, and new opportunities.

During this time, you may be urged to change the way you think about life and the path that you are currently on.

During October, four cosmic bodies will find their way in Libra, including the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, and Mars.

Since Libra is all about balance, and fair conflict resolution- Libra can see a situation and circumstances from all sides. Libra is often associated with judgment, but in a deeper sense, Libra is about collaboration.

In the past year, we have gone through many transitions. We have let go of things and moved towards new pathways. Many of us are feeling a bit out of balance and even distanced as we enter the Mercury retrograde.

The new moon in Libra is urging you to find a balance and to find peace. Are you still holding onto something that isn’t benefiting you on this journey? If you are, and it’s causing your balance to be thrown off, Libra is asking you to shift with her energy.

Libra is also often associated with relationships and partnerships. If you are in an important partnership or relationship, the changes over the past year may be throwing your relationships out of whack. During this time, it’s important to water your garden so to speak, and focus your attention on the people that matter most.

What are the obstacles standing in the way of you and your partner finding harmony? Whatever it is, it’s time to face it, so you can stabilize those important connections. Now is a better time than ever for you to take care of these connections, so don’t hesitate.

On October 6th, when we enter the new moon in Libra, Pluto will start moving direct after a long retrograde. Pluto’s retrograde has also caused many changes in our lives= as it moves directly, it’s time to observe how much you have changed since April. How have you transformed since then?

The new moon in Libra is a good time for contemplation of change and transformation, but when you add the power of Pluto moving direct to the mix- the need to reflect is even greater. Rather than focusing on more change- reflect on the changes that have already been made.

With this new lunar cycle comes the ability for you to find abundance, to balance your relationships, and to bring balance to your life overall. Don’t overlook this opportunity.