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There is no denying that major corporations run the world but when you break things down there are not that many people at the head of these companies. Sure, there is a lot contributing to climate change and so forth but apparently that can be broken down into a mere 100 people who are doing the most damage.

A map was released earlier this year by Declonial Atlas that was created by someone named Jordan Engel and it is making rounds for good reasons. While we might not take the time to put names to those behind the murder of our planet often, this really makes people think. This specific map was put together using information found on the Carbon Majors report from back in 2017, according to Big Think and shows that 50 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions since 1988 can be traced back to a mere 25 entities present on this list/map itself.

According to Big Think, those 25 are as follows:

China (State Coal Production



National Iranian Oil 


Coal India


Russia (State Coal Production)


China National Petroleum 




Abu Dhabi National Oil

Poland Coal

Peabody Energy


Kuwait Petroleum


BHP Billiton





Nigerian National Petroleum

Companies like the ones listed above and those in charge of them have gained power and wealth at the expense of Mother Nature herself and that is something no one should stand for. As you can see in the images of the map noted above below, these 100 people truly do in a sense ‘rule the world.’ There are 32 present in North America and 18 spread out across Europe. 

While some of these CEOs have changed since this map was created corrects can be found below thanks to Adam Weymouth from Decolonial Atlas:

Suncor – CEO Mark Little;

Kiewit – CEO Bruce Grewcock;

NACCO – CEO J C Butler Jr;

Console Energy – CEO James A Brock;

Alpha Natural Resources no longer exists. Bought by Contura Energy. CEO Kevin S Crutchfield;

Polska Grupa Górnicza – CEO Tomasz Rogala;

OKD – CEO Michal Heřman;

EGPC – CEO Abed Ezz El-Regal;

Nigerian National Petroleum – CEO Mele Kyari;

DTEK – CEO Maxim Timchenko (Rinat Akhmetov is the owner);

CNOOC – CEO Yuan Guangyu;

INPEX – CEO Takayuki Ueda;

Berau Coal Energy – CEO Iskak Indra Wahyudi;

Indika Energy – CEO Agus Lasmono

The saddest part about all of this is that we the consumers are the reason why these companies are able to thrive. We are the ones buying their products thus creating the demand for more and more. Without us, these people would not be able to do the things they are doing.

These 100 companies and those in charge of them produce 71 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases. While these people alone cannot resolve these problems we’ve as humanity created they can own up to their mistakes and work to change things for the better if only they would. While we’ve seen information laid out in a similar form before this really does take the cake.