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Have you ever wondered why it’s lucky to notice the clock at 11:11? There is power in the numbers we use according to numerology, and when numbers arrive in sequences, they can hold powerful meaning for our life and our journey.

Many numerologists consider this day to represent new beginnings and to be a day of good fortune and abundance. 11 is a master number that has to do with spiritual transformation, growth, development, enlightenment, and intuition. When the number 11 is doubled to 11/11, it is said that this energy hits us twice as hard, creating a spiritual gateway that is quite powerful.

During this time, it’s said that we can best awaken to our inner truths and dive deep to do some very hard-hitting spiritual work. Adding to this energy is the fact that it’s Scorpio season, which is also about getting to the core of ourselves for transformation.

Many possibilities lie ahead, and 11/11 is the gateway or portal to usher us in.

When we notice and experience the offerings of 11/11, we are able to take on some of its magic. For example, when you notice the number 11 on the clock, it’s lucky, or a time to make a wish, because it’s considered a sign from the divine that we are not alone. By taking notice of 11/11 the date, we are given even more ability to align ourselves with the divine.

During 11/11 a great way to celebrate is to touch base with your spiritual practice, either through meditation, prayer, a tarot reading, or however it is that you connect with what you perceive as your higher power. Because we are more aligned with the divine, our practices during this time are far more fruitful.

Consider this 11/11 to be a time of repair- let go of the old and invite in the new. What energies are stifling and blocking you right now? Get to the bottom of what it is that is hindering you- and invite in the energy necessary to grow.