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Each zodiac sign has its own positive and negative traits, but some of those traits make specific signs somewhat more dangerous than the rest. Sure, we are all our own people and are what we make of our traits, but if you’ve ever wondered where your sign ranked in this, you’re in the right place.

Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and what makes them dangerous or not dangerous. While there will be exceptions within each sign, overall these will reign true for a number of reasons. Before moving forth to the list, take a minute to think about your sign and where you feel you would rank? Are you more dangerous or less dangerous than your zodiac brethren?

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The Zodiac Signs From Most Dangerous To Least Dangerous:


Gemini’s can be dangerous in a lot of ways. Because you never know what to expect from them, the slide downward can be quite intense. They are shallow and much more ready to do what they feel needs to be done than the other signs. While you might not be able to see it now, if you’ve ever seen a Gemini in his or her truest form, you know how violent they can become.

This sign is dangerous and will tear you apart if you give them the right situation to do-so within. Do not underestimate the Gemini, point-blank. Just because they look innocent does not mean that they always are.


Cancer’s are some of the most intense signs that there are. They become so devoted to the people they’re with that they can in a lot of situations become quite the stalker. Sure, you may want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but if you’re leaving them or trying to cut ties, doing so might cost more than you’d expect.

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No one wants to face the wrath that comes with these terrifying bulls. Taurus people can be very set in their ways and will go to great lengths to make sure they get what they want. Don’t start anything you’re not prepared to finish because if you don’t, they will.


The Virgo is so cold and emotionless when he or she wants to be that it can be borderline horrific. They are able to say and do some of the most sinister things when given the right situation. Sure, this side might not come out often, but when it does, running for the hills might be your best option.


Sagittarius people are great at lying, they are always able to get away with things that they know they shouldn’t. Because these people are so harsh and extreme, they can be a danger to themselves and the people around them. They know what they can and cannot get away with, pushing their limits isn’t something they are ever forced into.


Libra’s are dangerous in ways that you would never expect. They love to drag other people down with them when their ships begin to sink. If you’re close to a Libra, you should know that once everything comes to light you might take more blame than you should, depending on your situation. These people think things through and plan out a lot more than they let on.


The Leo is so charming and kind that you will be drawn in, regardless of what he or she is going to end up pushing you into doing. These people have serious tempers and cannot stand to not get their way. You cannot often tell them no without expecting backlash in return.


Aries people do not like to be told what to do. They are hardworking, but when someone they feel isn’t on their level tries to overshadow them, they will let their true colors out. While not as dangerous as the rest on this list, these are still some pretty frustrating people to deal with.

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The Scorpio isn’t as dangerous as the rest of the signs, but he or she is quite talented when it comes to breaking hearts. This person can and will leave you wishing you had never met them. They are always ready to play with the hearts of those around them.


Capricorns will take a lot of shit, but once all is said and done, they will do what they feel they need to. Sure, they are more aligned with their positive traits than most signs, but that doesn’t mean they’re all angels. You might find yourself being seriously manipulated by someone who belongs to this sign.


Sure, the Pisces is a bit hot-headed, but overall this sign isn’t much of a threat. He or she might end up putting his or herself in seriously messed up situations, but not often will they jeopardize the people around them. They are usually pretty easygoing in this aspect.


The Aquarius is the least dangerous of the zodiac signs for a lot of different reasons. The main reason, however, is that they tend to stay to themselves. They might make sure to get ‘even’ from time to time, but overall they just want to be left alone to live their lives. The more time you spend with them, the more their kind side shows, it takes a lot to get the Aquarius in the mood to really do damage.

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