While a lot of people will be shocked at the use of the words both spiritual and narcissist together. Sure, it seems impossible but there are actually lots of spiritual narcissists present in this world right now.

Spiritual narcissists are much more dangerous than regular narcissists because they hit us all where it hurts most. They come after our spiritual selves and attack our innermost workings. While they might seem like they have everything figured out and as though they are living the life we’ve always wanted ourselves, it’s all a ruse to get us where they want us. 

Below I am going to go over some of the things spiritual narcissists do these things can be used as signs to spot them and help you to keep them out of your life. Just because someone claims they are a guru or because they appear to be doing well doesn’t mean they are. Read between the lines, you might be shocked by what you find.

8 Things Spiritual Narcissists Do:

1. Spiritual narcissists misinterpret spiritual concepts to make themselves look better.

When it comes to this kind of a person, they don’t care what the concept is just that they can make it fit where they need it to. Spiritual narcissists twist the words of those they follow to make things seem as though they are doing nothing wrong. Every time you call them out they bring these points up and are always ready to fight them to the end.

2. Spiritual narcissists have serious ulterior motives.

Spiritual narcissists are not in the spiritual world for a positive reason. They are present in this type of life so that they can benefit from it. They want to make money, find people to use, or something else of the sort. They always have cruel intentions whether you realize it or not.

3. Spiritual narcissists are some of the biggest hypocrites.

Spiritual narcissists do not practice what they preach. They always say one thing and do another. The things they want others to listen to do not apply to them.

4. Spiritual narcissists use their ‘spirituality’ as a cover for the abuse they inflict.

When the spiritual narcissist hurts someone he covers it up by bringing up something spiritual. These kinds of people use their religious views or beliefs overall as a means of hurting those around them without consequence. This should never happen.

5. Spiritual narcissists use their spiritual position as a means of control.

Spiritual narcissists love to be in control of others and so the moment they get a higher totem in the minds of others they will take it too far. They use their position as a means of control and are always telling others what to do. They never see others on the same level as them.

6. Spiritual narcissists never give up on an argument.

Spiritual narcissists do not know how to lose an argument. No matter what they have to make it look as though they’ve got something over on someone else. Sure, you might finally see through them after this kind of experience, but they don’t want anyone else to.

7. Spiritual narcissists think they are better/higher than others in all possible ways.

These kinds of people think that they are better than everyone else and no matter what will always bring up how much more they have reached spiritually than you might have. This is something that true spiritual teachers will never do.

8. Spiritual narcissists will question your ‘faith’ when you become distant.

When it comes to the world of spiritual teachings no one is supposed to question the faith of others. We are all human, and we all go through things in our own ways. That being said, the spiritual narcissist will do this as a means of trying to gain control over you back. They will try to guilt you into coming back where they want you to be.

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