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Get ready for good things as we move through the oh-so-springy month of May. The new moon will be on May 11, and it is bringing all the zodiac signs great opportunity, but there are few who will have better luck than others.

This will be the last opportunity to work the lunar energy to our advantage before the very first Eclipse of 2021/ the beginning of the eclipse season. I mention this because an eclipse usually brings chaos, and we will need to be prepared to sit back and ride the waves of change to fully get the most out of the season. Thankfully, this new moon will be a gentle one and the good vibes that come along with it will be easy to work with.

Taurus season is in full swing, and its powerful earthy energy will be ever potent during the May new moon. Now is a great time to set new moon intentions, especially if your goals relate to Taurean themes such as love, money, or moral value.

There are a few signs who will benefit the most from this Taurus new moon. Remember, this moon is ruled by Venus, making it the perfect time to do something that will leave you feeling connected to your five senses and passionate about the true beauty that surrounds you.

Taurus: A New Chapter

This new moon is truly about you, Taurus. Landing right in your first house of self, this new moon will be encouraging you to let go of all the things that have been holding you back in life. Do not expect growth overnight, but expect to find a more confident understanding of your identity and your true potential. If you set your goals now, you will have so much more cosmic energy supporting you through this process.

Gemini: A Brighter Future

May has a lot of planets entering your sign, Gemini, so expect great things in your future. This new moon is begging you to pump the brakes and spend some quality time with yourself! Before you make serious headway on your goals, it is important to be able to quiet your mind and clear your schedule of all the mundane things that drain your energy. Rest, relaxation, and true spiritual healing are the themes for you right now!

Capricorn: Tapping Into What Makes You Happy

Life is short, Capricorn! It is so short that you should stop doing the things that do not make you happy. That is where the new moon comes in for you! Blasting straight through your fifth house of fun and pleasure, this new moon is unleashing your desire to feel passionate about life and all of its wonder. Think about all of the things that you love in life. The simple pleasures that bring you happiness and do whatever it is that makes you happy! There are no excuses.