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As we move closer and closer to Halloween itself, lots of people are performing rituals and really working to engage more with the energies before them. While we often associate pumpkins with the spooky season, they are also really good tools when it comes to magic.

Below, I am going to go over some interesting and simple spells you can knock out if you really want to make the most of the abundance in pumpkins we’re seeing right now. While most of the year these orange beauties are not present but right now, they’re seemingly everywhere. They can help with everything from protection to wishing, and honestly, they’re amazing tools.

The Magic Of Pumpkins And Several Spells That Put Them To Use:

1. Enhancing Candle Spells

If you’re not already doing this, using smaller pumpkins as holders for your candles during candle spells can and will enhance them big time. This makes them more prominent and forces things to work out in ways you otherwise might not see. I know, it might be confusing at first, but the enhancement energies are very important.

2. Pumpkin Seed Spells

There are tons of spells that you can use with pumpkin seeds, both cooked and uncooked. These seeds tend to go well with protection spells of all kinds. While it might not seem like much, holding onto these seeds once you’re done carving your pumpkin can be very important.

3. Wishing Through A Pumpkin

If you want to use your pumpkin to make a wish, once it’s all used up, bury it in your yard. In doing this, make sure you say your wish over and over as carrying things out. This helps you to manifest more properly.

4. Pumpkin Protection Spell

While we might typically carve faces in pumpkins and place them outside of our homes, that is a tradition that is done for a reason. We do this because it helps us to ward off bad energies and evil spirits. With these pumpkins around, getting into your home isn’t as easy for malevolent forces.

5. Offerings To The Deceased And Higher Ups

Once you’ve used your pumpkin up, go and place it in the woods, this is seen as an offering to those who have passed and the Gods that rule over us. While we all believe in different things, this is a good way to connect to the things you believe in the most. In doing this, you are also really releasing a lot of weight that may be holding you back.

6. Connecting With The Elements

If you want to really connect with the fire and air elements, using pumpkins can be the best route sometimes. All you have to do is use your intent to make a bird feeder out of your pumpkin. If you see a bird using it, reaffirm that intent and continue on.