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The Lunar nodes are the points between the Sun and the Moon. They are treated as if they are planets themselves in the world of astrology but are they are not planets at all.

The lunar nodes are currently in Cancer and Capricorn, they moved here from Leo and Aquarius. While the whole ordeal is not quite predictable, it is able to bring forth balance in a number of different ways. The nodes do not move around often, so when they do a great shift does occur.

During the time these nodes spend in the signs Cancer and Capricorn Karma will be very present in our lives. We will be paying for any wrong doings we have done be them from this life or a previous one. Capricorn energies and Cancer energies will be working together to really push you to overcome the things before you and it will also push you to your emotional limits.

We will be challenged in a number of different ways and will be really forced into a mode of nurture. You will be seeing a lot of changes while these nodes are in these signs and they will not be changing signs for a good minute so you might as well settle in. During this time you need to be more aware of yourself and the things you are doing. If you don’t understand something, question it!

These nodes hold Karmic clues to our destiny in this life and because of this dealing with them is never simple. We will be feeling the effects of this change for quite some time and whether you like it or not you must face it. Since Cancer is in the 4th house and Capricorn is in the 10th, you can expect to be wanting to really put yourself out there and for a lot of success to be headed your way. That being said, success does not come without fear, there will be setbacks along the way and some of them will really catch you off guard.

To learn more about the lunar nodes please check out the video below. If you feel you have more Karmic debt than you can handle please do not hesitate to meditate over things and do your best to let go. Regardless of where this shift takes you, coming out on the other end is inevitable. You will make it through all that is before you just fine.