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The lunar nodes have finally changed once again this meaning they are now in new signs. While the lunar nodes are not actually fixed bodies, they are celestial in nature and points that we should all be aware of.

The north node is now in Gemini and the south node is now in Sagittarius. This all as of the 5th and will be influencing us in big ways. You see, the lunar nodes bring forth lessons for us all and the more we embrace their influences the more we can learn and thus grow as well. 

While we don’t really understand the energies the lunar nodes hold, they are quite present, and they do hold lots of power over us. These nodes leaving Cancer and Capricorn bring forth a big shift and that change will be as it currently is until January of 2022 so don’t expect them to pass quickly. These lessons help us to move further down our spiritual paths and are unique in many ways. 

Forever Conscious wrote as follows on this topic just before the shift came into play:

On May 5th, 2020 the Lunar Nodes change signs to Gemini and Sagittarius, setting up a new collective soul lesson to work with.

We are now being called to embrace Gemini energy in order to build upon Sagittarius energy, and we will be working with this until January 2022.

Gemini energy is all about communication and self-expression. We are going to be encouraged to share our truth and find new ways to shine our authentic light.

Gemini energy is very social too, so we may feel called to share our story or insights, or we may find that new forms of social media take off.

Freedom of speech is likely to be a hot topic and we may see some changes to the way news and information is delivered.

Sagittarius energy rules over things like international travel, religion, and higher education, and these are all things we may see change or be highlighted in some way.

The last time the Lunar Nodes were in Gemini and Sagittarius was October 2001- April 2003, so we can look back to world events that were happening at this time to see what similar themes we may be working with.

While we need to let things play out in order to see where we are all headed and what these energies will bring, we are and should remain quite hopeful that they will bring us all to a more positive place considering the things we’ve been facing as of late. The more we allow the things coming to work in our lives without holding back the better they will play out. How are you feeling about the energies we’re facing right now?