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We all go into a new year hoping it will be the best one yet, but for these 4 zodiac signs, life is about to change in a big way.

If you have read your 2019 horoscope then you would know that this year is set to be a year of big changes in all aspects of life for all. For some signs, things will change for the positive, but for others, the changes will be negative. What about your sign?

Change is coming and for these 4 signs life might never be the same again. This year is set to be a big rollercoaster! Are you one of the lucky ones?


The Taurus will be most affected by change. It is time to say goodbye to your drab and boring routine. Life is about to change Taurus and you will uncover a new side of yourself in 2019. Expect to be more confident and daring, especially when it comes to your love life! This year, your passion and energy will spice up your normal boring mundane life.


Normally you might be shy and very self-oriented, but this year you are going to come out of your shell! Finally letting go of all the fears and worries that normally take control of your life. It is high time that you steer your own path in life and remember that life is really what you make it. Start that new career you have been dreaming of, take that trip you so desperately desire, or leave a partner that you stopped loving so long ago. Grab life with everything you have, because the future is yours!


This year is a big year for you, Capricorn. You will feel invincible, almost as if there is nothing that can bring you down. You will go down paths in work and love that you normally wouldn’t dare. You might normally consider yourself to be a lone wolf, but now you are looking for companionship as you are no longer scared to break down the barriers you have built in your heart.


You are so intuitive that you probably already knew that 2019 was going to be a year of big changes. You have already put aside your doubts and fears so that you can achieve the life you have always dreamed of. You will no longer let other people control you! Even if it means being more forceful than normal, you are ready to leave your shy side behind you.