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While you might not be feeling it just yet the days until the Lionsgate portal are dwindling and the energies surrounding it are building. On the eighth day of the eighth month of this year, the portal will officially be open and from there begin its process back to closing.

This portal when open pushes us all to really activate our highest potential. We all let go of the old versions of ourselves and move forward towards something more. We grow and ascend towards our truest form and in this become aligned with our higher selves. The opening of the Lionsgate portal comes with a lot of DNA activation and a serious increase of vibrational frequency that many people are unsure how to handle.

As this moment allows the energy of the cosmic world to flow in a more intense manner the world of the living and the spiritual become one. All of our senses will be heightened and our hearts will be much more open and willing to reveal our truest intentions. If you are currently feeling out of place and noticing your fingers tingling it is most likely due to the increase of energy moving forth as this portal begins to open. This gate might not be wide open just yet but even a mere crack in the door is enough to throw many of us off.

In regards to this portal opening Ask-Angels website wrote as follows going over what we should do moving forward:

Open your heart, mind, and spirit to receive this wave of light, codes of consciousness, and energy of ascension that is supporting you in progressing rapidly now into Peace, Freedom, and the highest vibration of authentic expression of your unique gifts, your unique energy, and your highest light which is essential, and plays an integral role in the ascension of all.

Trust. Stay positive. Open your heart, release fear, and step into the light which will continue to appear before you one step at a time.

This is uncharted territory, but there are truly incredible blessings of the Divine which await.

Healing is inevitable during this time period and allowing these energies to work for you will benefit you in ways you might not have ever imagined. The light that this portal brings forth is extremely illuminating whether you can ‘see’ it or not. It reveals things to us that we otherwise would never notice.

To learn more about this opening and what it could mean for you please feel free to check out the video below. How do you think the Lionsgate portal opening will affect you? Are you excited or terrified about the energies to come? Whether you’re ready and prepared for this opening or not, it is coming. We are all going to be experiencing new things and embracing those new things is the key to really getting through this energetic situation properly.