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While it might not sound like much, there are several celestial events from the 27th of this month (July) are going to be mixing our week up a bit. Sure the week itself is moving along quickly as per usual but the energies we’re facing as a result of these celestial events are quite interesting, to say the least. 

On July 27th several celestial events came forth those being Venus square Neptune, Jupiter Sextile Neptune, Venus Quincunx Jupiter, and Mercury Square Mars. While these won’t be too serious for all of us, for those with these in their natals they will really throw things out of whack. The first one noted above Venus Square Neptune is something that highlights the struggles we’re having within and how we show ourselves love as a whole. 

It makes us feel more disappointing to others through our own eyes and really can break down our self-esteem depending on how it works in our lives. While that might be a bit frustrating overall, it can also be quite heartbreaking for some. The more unloved and cast out you feel the more you may retreat when all you need is to be more willing to reach out. 

To make that even more intense Jupiter will be Sextile Neptune. This is something that does not happen often and will really bring out our hopeful sides. While it is a good balance of energies overall the harmony it brings offers nothing more than a bit of conflict with the other things we’re experiencing. Now is easily the worst time that this one could come forth because the other things we’re facing this week are seemingly drowning out its positivity as a whole. 

As if things didn’t sound messed up enough bringing Venus Quincunx Jupiter into the mix really does the trick. This transit overall brings tension and stress back into our lives more heavily. If you’re having issues with your partner and you’re unable to really get on the same page this week, this whole ordeal could have something to do with it. Don’t make any rash decisions right now, please. 

Now, to finish off this energetic power basket we move into the energies of Mercury Square Mars which might not sound like much but are quite powerful for a lot of reasons. This transit overall brings a lot of challenges to our plates. It really makes us think more and with the energies noted above thinking more with these kinds of things present is not always the best idea. 

All of this having been said, this week shouldn’t be too crazy. These energies will begin dying down a lot as Friday rolls around and from there we will be able to get back to normal in a sense. Just don’t let things get to you as deeply if possible right now, you don’t know what you should react to and what you should leave alone.

Things like this are frustrating, but they’re not as horrible as most would assume. Even the darkest moments bring some of the most positive changes in our lives. Don’t be too let down moving forth.