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When many of us look to astrology, we look to our Western astrology sun sign, and in some cases, even our western moon sign. However, there is an entirely different sect of astrology known as Vedic astrology that can also provide us with many levels of insight.

In this particular article, we are discussing Vedic moon signs, and you can calculate yours here.

Once you know that, you can use it to find your mantra below.

Vedic astrology is based on Vedas, which is India’s ancient system of knowledge. Put simply, it is based on Indian mysticism. Many people prefer Vedic astrology over Western, but I believe much insight can be drawn from both.

Below, I have listed personal mantras for each Vedic moon sign, so calculate yours and check out the mantra listed below!


“This year is my time to shine.”

2022 is going to push to truly shine in even the darkest of times. As a highly motivated sign, it’s likely you already have a knack to push things farther than others. In turn, when you push hard and get no reward, it can be frustrating. But, this year, you are finally going to reap the rewards for your efforts.


“As above, so below: the application of knowledge is just as important as the journey to obtain it.”

Last year was an immense year of growth for you, Taurus. And while learning, growth, and healing are all wonderful practices, now is the time to take the things you have learned and apply them to real life.


“Anything is possible if I believe I am worthy.”

Gemini, you are the true embodiment of an intellectual. You enjoy learning new things, trying new things, and experiencing new things. And while you know that you enjoy these things, you do also tend to stay on the practical side of that coin. Take this year to push past your comfort zones and truly enjoy life.


“During our darkest storms, and after, we can finally understand the beauty of the light.”

Everyone has dark times, and during those dark times, we are redefined. You have been through a lot of Cancer, and using what you have been through to redefine your strength and your desire for life is going to push you in the right direction this year.


“It’s time to follow my heart.”

Relationships and love have been difficult for you in the past few years. You’ve likely struggled between finding your happiness and navigating through uncertainty. However, this year, good things are going to happen in your love life, you simply have to follow your heart.


“The journey is the most important, not just the destination.”

Sometimes, you get so caught up in the bigger picture that you lose sight of what is important: the moments right in front of you. Remember to take baby steps, and don’t be afraid to take some time to bask in the joy that is life.


“I am worthy of the love I give others.”

Oftentimes, you have a bad tendency to give all of yourself until you are pouring from an empty cup. And while it’s good to love and to do good for others, you cannot run on empty. Now is the time to give yourself some of that love and consideration, too.


“Now is the time to share what I have learned.”

You tend to go deep, and that’s a good thing. But don’t get so lost in the depths of your mind that you forget the most important part of this tendency: the need to share your insights with the people you love most.


“Nothing is permanent, not even suffering.”

You’ve been through the wringer, and now is the time to find the relief coming your way. Everything changes, and nothing is permanent. While at times that can be a hard thing to stomach, it also means that even the worst stages of our lives come to a close. And the bad is being released this year, inviting new and positive chapters for you.


“I can handle anything that stands in my way.”

You are strong, Capricorn, and you are a survivor. Every obstacle that has presented itself, you have overcome like a true badass. Now, in 2022, you will finally get a chance to take a step back and find some peace amid the fight.


“I am going to make waves this year!”

Aquarius, you are unique and a visionary. While you don’t always allow everyone to get to know you, the ones who know you understand how unique you are. This year, you will have the opportunity to burst out of your shell and show the world your true inner beauty


“New year, new me.”

You’ve gone through a lot, and right now, you are juggling many different versions of yourself. Now, with the new year upon us, it’s time to re-evaluate yourself and decide which of those sides to keep and what to let go of. You have the power to redefine yourself, you only have to determine where to start.