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Social anxiety is hard to deal with for those who have it. Sure, it might not sound like much to those who do not but those experiencing it firsthand know-how crippling it can be.

Now, for anyone who is not aware social anxiety or social anxiety disorder is something a lot more people have than you’d expect. It is a mental health condition and those with it become overwhelmingly anxious and quite self-conscious when in most ‘everyday’ social situations. For instance, a young person who has social anxiety would struggle with getting in front of the class or even for some going to school at all. They think something awful may happen or something else of the sort and well, they feel extremely judged when before others.

If you are someone who suffers with this kind of thing then you know exactly what I am talking about. Below I am going to go over some lies that your social anxiety could be telling you. Social anxiety lies a lot, it tears us down and makes us feel incapable but the truth is we are so very capable. While not everyone can simply ‘overcome’ their anxieties it can help to come to terms with the things that are associated so that you can better combat them. 

7 Lies Your Social Anxiety Will Tell You That You Should Work To Overcome:

1. Literally, no one likes you.

This is so not true. Tons of people like you. You are nowhere near as unlikable as you think. People spend time with you for a reason.

2. You’re just being annoying.

Sure, we are all annoying from time to time but you’re not annoying as a whole. People sometimes might blow you off because they’re busy or other things of that nature but it doesn’t always mean you did something wrong. We all have our own lives to live.

3. Spending time with you is such a burden.

No, spending time with you is not a burden, and those who do it do so because they like being around you. At the end of the day, no one is going to spend time with someone they don’t want to be around. That would just be silly. We’re humans and humans are not nice enough to do all of that.

4. You’re trapped, there is no way out.

Sure, it might be hard to figure out ways around this one especially when going on plane rides or things of that sort but you’re not trapped. While trying to change that way of thinking is hard and often you’ll end up panicking before being able to, working at it is important. Just because you don’t see a way out of a situation does not mean there isn’t. If you feel like you’re stuck at a party you didn’t want to be at there is a way out you just have to remain calm and find it.

5. You cannot trust anyone.

There are people you can trust in this world. You may struggle to find those people at first, but they do exist. Closing yourself off completely isn’t an option.

6. They’re all laughing at you.

Actually, chances are they’re not. Most people are pretty understanding when it comes to embarrassing moments. Sure, you might feel silly but that doesn’t mean you are silly.

7. No matter what something awful will happen.

Don’t be too disappointed if you can’t quite overcome these things right off the bat. They will take time and for some of us, we need a little extra help. Don’t give up, with the right support and things behind you, you can do anything.