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We are currently coming to the end of 2018 and with that, there is a lot going on in the energetic world. We are face to face with the very last week and you should work to be aware of the things to come.

We just went through a full moon and the full moon energies are still quite here. They will be here throughout this week and really bringing us all to be more accountable. Because things like attachments are ruled by Cancer and this full moon was in Cancer, chances are you will be quite emotional and working to find balance in the world of love and connections.

This week the Sun is in Capricorn and Mercury is in Sagittarius. While not the only aspects making us feel a bit off kilter, they do make a big difference. The Sun being in Capricorn is going to motivate us all to really take responsibility for our actions and prove to us how possible it is for us to get the results we want to get. You will be focused on your long-term goals as we move into the year to come.

Now, Mercury in Sagittarius, on the other hand, is going to follow us well into the beginning of 2019 and have us all being a bit more optimistic than usual. We will be much more persuasive and according to Cafe Astrology, a bit confused as we will not be as precise as we normally would be. For many of us this week will be quite hectic and for some, it will be a period in which they finally get to slow down.

Christmas Eve – What To Expect

On December 24th, Neptune became square Mercury, this speaks to us on a very deep level. It brings forth a sense of compassion and really forces us to put our most emotional foot forward. This week is going to be far more conflicting than most but you will get through it somehow.

Christmas – What To Expect

Now, on Christmas day we are also in for a treat as Jupiter is together with Mercury in Sagittarius. This bringing in the holiday properly and causing many who would otherwise be quite rude to open up and show their lighter side. It is also important to note that Venus is in Scorpio and because of this we will be much more passionate all the while. This bringing us closer together than ever before.

This day will be all about encouraging the people you care the most about and working to build one another up. As the holiday comes to an end things will change but also still build in their own ways. That lack of motivation you’ve been facing will finally come to an end.

As we make our way through the rest of the week there is a lot that will be happening. Friday is going to have all of us quite emotional and the days between Christmas and then will move quickly and have you feeling quite out of it. With Mars in Pisces already and sticking around there until December 31st you will be hiding from confrontation and not being as straightforward as you normally would be.

There is a lot going on and you need to pay close attention to yourself and the people around you. This bumpy ride might not last much longer but it is still quite intense.

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