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We are edging our way closer and closer to the full sturgeon moon in Aquarius, which is happening on Thursday, August 11. This full moon is a special one because it is the last supermoon of the year.

Full moons are a time of culmination, manifestation, and release, and Aquarius has an energy that is all about revolutionary thinking, finding your way, and non-conforming. Together, these two are sure to bring us all a massive push down a new path, if we are open to the energy. Of course, this lunation will mean different things for each of us, so if you would like to see the super sturgeon moon Aquarius has in store for you, keep reading.


During this time, you will be filled with wonder and excitement, and you will likely be looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. Enjoy this time and don’t be afraid to try new things, go on an adventure, or pursue an entirely new path in life. The world is your oyster.


Prepare for massive change in your life, as Aquarius opens the doors to new pathways. Because you are one to stay in their comfort zone, this might be scary for you. But remember, nothing awesome ever came from a comfort zone.


This time will provide massive inspiration, filling you with new spiritual insights and ideas. It’s a great time to focus on spiritual growth, and even open yourself up to new ideas. Take every opportunity during this time to expand your horizons, you will be glad you did.


Whatever it is that is holding you back in life, it’s time to free yourself from that prison. It’s important during this time to take a few steps back and listen to your heart. If you need some tie away to regroup or even just some time to yourself so you can gather your thoughts, now is the time.


It’s your season, so you are likely going to be feeling on top of the world. It’s a great time to funnel some of your extra energy, enthusiasm, and excitement into your relationships, which will pay off tenfold for you if you do.


Typically, you are a creature of routine, habit, and structure, but this moon will likely have your typical routine turned upside down. Expect unavoidable delays or unexpected obligations to pop up during this time, throwing a small wrench into your usual plans.


Leo season will have you feeling more social, craving time with friends and close family. All of this social energy will end up leaving you feeling inspired and refreshed, which could lend you some assistance on a future project.


While work has been a central focus for you as of late, you will likely feel drawn to your home during this time. You could also encounter some unexpected pitfalls, making you feel hardpressed to spend more time around family.


With this moon will come new surprises, so stay open. Some of these could come in the form of great opportunities that will help you to move forward and follow your heart.


This particular moon will place the focus on your finances, so keep your eyes peeled for sudden expenditures or bills that were unexpected. While this may feel like an inconvenience, it’s the perfect time to make adjustments or save for an emergency fund.


This moon will align under your energy, so you will be feeling a sense of homecoming. Sit back and enjoy the energy of this moon and use it to broaden your horizons and expand your mind.


This moon is dreamy, and even a bit fantastical, much like yourself. It’s a great time to spend some time meditating or to work on some emotional healing. Of course, the best way to do this is by spending some much-needed time to yourself.