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As a stargazer, and astrology lover, celestial events bring me much excitement. And the solar eclipse taking place with the new moon is probably one of my most exciting events taking place of this year.

While shooting stars send us out to make wishes, eclipses come with a seemingly rare quality, that allows us to aim to not only see, but feel something different than what comes with the rest. These magical moments put life into perspective, and honestly, if we are open, they transform the energies of our hearts.

They fill us with love, and with this one taking place in Cancer, it is time for true heart transformation. Cancers are signs that value family, emotional ties to their loved ones, and the ability to prioritize for the ones they love the most. As this eclipse is also coupled with the new moon, we are given a new beginning to mend past relationships, while salvaging our current ones, and truly putting the people who deserve it in our limelight.

With that being said, it may be difficult to view this particular eclipse, as it will only be viewable to those in Argentian and Chili. Of course, other nations, such as Ecuador, Brazil, and Paraguay will be able to view it, but we will all be feeling it’s power.

Pushing us out of our comfort zones, and into new realms, and with the focus being on love, take time to spend with your family. Are you nurturing them? And are they nurturing you? Cut ties with those who can’t make you a priority, and make the ones that do the forefront of your life. And you will benefit immensely from this amazing and rare event!