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Coming up this month we have some pretty interesting events in the night sky. From the ‘black moon’ to the partial eclipse you are most likely feeling pretty out of wack.

These energies will be overwhelming if you are not working to ground yourself. I strongly suggest white light meditation as a means of protecting your own personal energies. You can learn more about that by clicking here.

The Black Moon

A black moon is something with several different definitions. Basically, it is the opposite of a blue moon. It is seemingly rare and is what we call the phenomenon of there being no new moon in February or no full moon. This time there will be no full moon.

This meaning there will be no full moon energy. We will only be feeling amplified new moon energy. This meaning there will be a time for new beginnings on a deeper scale. During this month we will be pushed to cleanse and bring out our strengths.

The power of the black moon is something that goes unnoticed far too often. It is a very intense phenomenon that should be respected. This brings about a sense of fresh and new goals and can really get you manifesting things you would have never been able to before. The black moon is extremely important and only occurs when it is needed.

The Partial Solar Eclipse

Now, to make things even more intense there is also a partial solar eclipse coming up. This will be happening on the 15 of this month and occurs at 27 degrees Aquarius in the Tropical Zodiac. For those who are not aware February is a month that is highly focused on communication and is something, we can all benefit from in more recent times.

This partial solar eclipse will only cover part of the sun and most of it will still be visible. Because this partial eclipse is so close to the planet Mercury it will be bringing with it energies that work to direct us to something more positive and productive. You cannot avoid these energies as they will be hitting most of us like a ton of bricks. You will suddenly feel as if you have to get up and work on something, I know it sounds odd but this is just how it works.

The more thought this eclipse puts into your mind the better. You can read more about it by clicking here. It is something that should be associated with a strong sense of motivation, to say the least.

The partial solar eclipse is going to essentially amplify that new moon energy even more so coupled with the black moon we have A LOT to look forward to in the realm of growth this month. If you have been letting something or someone hold you back now is the time to let go. You can overcome anything during this time if you truly set your mind to it.