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Each month that we move through holds a different message for each of us. Some of these messages are small and others are mind-blowing, to say the least.

August is well underway and energies in regards are building up big time. Below I am going to go over the lesson or lessons that August is said to be bringing for each zodiac sign and perhaps some of what each should be looking out for. While not all of these lessons will be easy for us to handle, they are necessary when it comes to moving forward in life and should be embraced properly.


Sometimes being at a standstill is better than pushing yourself too far. As things continue forth you might find yourself feeling quite overwhelmed. While you’re always overworking yourself and never willing to give up, perhaps you need a break. This month is going to bring you to a lot more than you might be able to handle and you need to know that sometimes the best thing we can do for our own good is to take a step back.


You do not have to always be the best. As a human being, you make mistakes just like everyone else. You don’t have to remain on your top game 24/7. We all have low points and there is nothing wrong with showing your vulnerable side here and there. Don’t waste yourself, really work on self-care.


Cutting ties with those who aren’t caring for you in the right ways is not a bad thing. While you’re not the kind to cut many people off this August is going to remind you that keeping good company is important. Perhaps your inner circle is about to seriously change.


You are no doorstop. This month is all about you finding your power and becoming more and more capable on your own. You are amazing and you can achieve so much if you figure out how to truly believe in yourself. Confidence is headed your way, embrace it.


You are not what you claim to be. You have been living a truth that is not necessarily the truth. While you make yourself out to be something amazing, you’re falling behind in your own mind. Finding yourself is going to be the focus of August and you really need to be serious about it.


You cannot do everything for everyone. While you care about the people around you and have good intentions, you are no superman. You have to take a step back and think things through from time to time. Saying yes to everything everyone around you asks you to do is going to exhaust you quickly.


Feeling things is not always a bad thing. This month is going to force you to feel more than you want to feel but in a good way. Maybe now is the time to really reconnect with the side of you that you’re always working to hide. You are a lot more than you allow people to see and that needs to be noticed on some level.


You don’t always have to win. Sometimes losing holds its own upsides and meanings. We cannot always win everything and sometimes things play out in a way we were not expecting. Learning to lose is something you’re about to face, big time.


Nothing in life is as easy as you want it to be. While things until now have been great you’re in for a serious wake up call. You’ve been making mistake after mistake lately, and they’re catching up to you. You cannot run from what is headed towards you and the battle within is not going to be a simple one.


You cannot trust everyone you meet. People love to disappoint one another and the people in your life are no exception. You need to learn how to choose the people in your circle a bit more wisely. You are surrounded by fakes and that needs to change. Trust should not be given so freely and the sooner you come to terms with this the better.


It is time to let go. You’ve been holding onto a lot of baggage and draining yourself of all possible happiness for far too long. The lesson before you is one that has a lot to do with moving on. While this isn’t going to be fun, it is going to be necessary.


You are your own person. Sure, other people around you are important to you but you are still living your own life and capable of doing what you want. You need to stop trying to please the people you care for and work to please yourself. At the end of the day, you are the only person who truly has your own back.