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We all go through pain in this life whether it is physical pain, emotional pain, or even psychological pain. The harder we try to make things work the more stressed we get and in the end, it can really break us down.

While painful emotions are not fun to go through, they are not something we should bottle within. The more you bottle things inside the harder it becomes to let go of them. Without accepting your pain and addressing the cause you can never truly move on which seems to be something many people struggle with. 

Whether you’re facing the effects of something that happened long ago or in the middle of some kind of serious situation right now, you can get through it but you have to be willing to feel it first. Without truly feeling the things you’re going through you cannot transform your pain properly. Express the pain that whatever hurt you experienced made you feel and figure out where it is stemming from. 

Work to understand why you feel the way you do and what is driving the emotions hidden within. One of the best ways to work through this kind of thing is writing it all down or finding someone to talk to. Sit and meditate over things and break them down within your own mind. Once you’ve done this you can write it all out or talk it all out and really get it off of your check. 

Once you’ve given the pain you’re going through a voice in this manner letting go of it becomes much easier. You can stop blaming other people and work to overcome your victimhood. From here focusing on the present finally becomes a reality. That all having been said none of this is easy.

Psychology Today wrote as follows in regards to this kind of thing:

Letting go means confronting these invisible emotional barriers: bringing them into your awareness and then struggling against them. It means challenging irrational, unproductive thinking until you get your head on straight; it means facing up to your fear and then calling on your courage and your character to face it down; and it means confronting your passionate attachment to a past love and reducing it from a boulder to a pebble. Put the pebble in your pocket as a cherished reminder, and leave room in your heart for something new.

Those words need to be taken to heart by all who read them. You cannot build the foundation for something new while stuck in the pain of your past. Whether that past was a few days ago or a few years ago, embracing and overcoming is crucial for moving forth. Life is not always what it seems, and we have to work to make our own happiness in this life. No one is just going around handing it out.

Without pain, we wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate the brighter things. Everything that happens in this world happens for a reason, you are going to be able to move onto bigger and better things once all is said and done. Through letting go you are able become a much better version of yourself.