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As we all know, the great conjunction is coming up very soon on December 21st. This might not sound like much to some but overall is quite the celestial event.

This kind of thing is very rare and for those who might be somehow unaware the great conjunction will be when Saturn and Jupiter make an alignment so close that it will appear as if they are one. This whole ordeal will be very energetically charged and affect us all in different ways. Below I will go over some of what each sign should expect to experience.


The great conjunction is going to force you out of your comfort zone. You’re going to be doing new things and trying hard to see the world as it is rather than as you want it to be. I know, this might be confusing at first but the more you let it sink in the better.


The great conjunction for you is going to be very healing. You’re going to be seeing things in a new light. The baggage you’ve carried for so long is not going to be as heavy anymore.


The great conjunction is going to be changing your focus and showing you that for a long time now you’ve been wasting your time. You need to put your efforts elsewhere if you really want to get ahead. Things will not change unless you seek change itself.


The great conjunction is for you going to be a challenge in a lot of ways. You’re going to be soul searching like never before and honestly, you might not like the things you find. You’re all over the place and that isn’t going to do you any favors.


The great conjunction is going to have you ready to yank your hair out. You’ve got a lot going on and this is only fueling the fire further. Stress is going to be piling on more and more but you need to work to address it properly, if you ignore it things will only get worse within.


The great conjunction may have you seeing new opportunities finally. That being said, whether or not you should be walking through doors right now is up in the air. You’ve got a lot going on and well, one wrong move and everything could shatter.


The great conjunction is going to force you to see things in a new light. You’re going to be redefining how you see your career as well as the goals you’ve had for a while. Perhaps these things are now what you want anymore?


The great conjunction for you is going to show you how to be more open-minded and free. You’ve been letting other people hold you back for too long. It’s time to do your own thing.


The great conjunction for you is going to show you how to be more caring and honest. You’ve got things going on in your mind that you don’t think you can show others but that’s not right. There are people in your life you can turn to and should turn to. Lean on your support system.


The great conjunction might not sound like much but for you, it’s going to help you find your independence. You’re always relying on others and that needs to stop. Holding your own is very important and perhaps from here you will learn exactly that.


The great conjunction might be confusing but it is going to help you to really feel more. You’re going to be going through a shift like nothing else. As you grow more and experience the things you’ve been locking inside, you will find that there is a better version of you underneath it all.


The great conjunction is going to force you to move forward. You’re no longer going to be allowed to remain in the past. It is about time to move on and you’re not getting out of things this time around.