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At first glance, the image below depicts two different animals. And depending on which one you see, it can reveal a lot about your personality when it comes to love.

It may sound crazy, but even psychologists have long accepted the fact that symbolism is somewhat of a key to our subconscious mind. While we cannot easily access our subconscious thoughts at will, art and imagery can spark and unlock thoughts and personas that lie beneath the surface.

At the very least, these optical illusion tests are pretty fun.

This particular test was posted to TikTok by Charles Meriot, and according to him, this illusion can reveal your true love personality. At the beginning of the video, he says, “What did you see first?”.

Going on he says, “If you saw the crocodiles first, it means you’re fierce, have different personalities around different people, and you’re probably in or trying to get in a relationship right now.

“If you saw the bird first, it means you’re strong, you’re proud, and you can’t stay in one place at one time because you love freedom.”

His video went viral quickly, accumulating over half a million likes, and over 11.2 million views.

What did you see?

Many of the people in the comments say they saw the crocodile and couldn’t see birds anywhere in the image.

But, there were a few that we were able to see the bird first.

I saw the crocodile. And still can’t see the bird. I have included his TikTok below for you to see for yourself.

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