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Over-thinkers just cannot seem to catch a break, if it isn’t one thing it is another and so forth. They are just far too hard on themselves and when it comes to life everything has to be black and white, color just makes it all the more complicated.

Sometimes those who are over-thinkers are just seen as ‘too much’ this especially sucks since most over-thinkers also have really sensitive hearts. They struggle to be as connected as they want to be and as much as they would love to be around others they seem to get things done a lot more productively when they are alone or even isolated in general. Below you will find a list of harsh truths all over-thinkers have to deal with, maybe it will give you a deeper perspective on how they truly live.

11 Harsh Truths About Those Who Over-Think and Have A Sensitive Heart:

1. You crave love.

As someone with a sensitive heart love is always going to be something you want in life. However, because of your over-thinking you set yourself up for failure after failure. You constantly find yourself questioning everything.

2. Your fight or flight response is not often set to fight.

For you, there is no fight option it is always flight, and this can be a problem. Sometimes in life, we need to fight. Being the one to always push yourself out of the way isn’t healthy.

3. Living in the present is extremely hard.

You are always thinking about the past and things you have done. Your mistakes haunt you and nothing you do will ever clear your mind of them. It is as if letting go is not an option.

4. You tend to take the opinions of others far too seriously.

Just because someone says something that upsets you doesn’t mean it was meant that way. You as the title of this article suggests, think too much. Over-thinking can cause a lot of unnecessary inner turmoil.

5. Your feelings are always border or intense, there is no in-between.

There is no mild for you either you don’t care or you care too much. Things either bother you or they don’t. Everything you feel, you feel on an extreme level.

6. You search for meaning in everything.

As someone whose mind does not rest you think about everything all of the time. When it comes to finding the meaning of something you are the best person to call. Even in the smallest thing, you can find meaning.

7. Not everyone can handle you.

Some people just can’t handle you and that is okay. There are people who can and will, because in life, some people are meant to stay and others are meant to go.

8. Trying to sleep can be overwhelming sometimes.

At night is when your mind causes you the most pain. You stay up late wondering about things you couldn’t change even if you want to. Your thoughts keep you up more often than not.

9. You are too hard on yourself.

When it comes to your opinion of yourself and the things you do nothing is ever good enough. You are far too harsh on yourself and this can be a big problem sometimes. You really need to be a little more lenient with yourself, no one is perfect.

10. You let things hurt you too easily.

You let things get to you far too easily. You are much more fragile than most and lots of people won’t understand that. You need to realize that in life sometimes we just have to let go and move forward even though it hurts.

11. You give people more slack than you do yourself.

As mentioned above you are far too hard on yourself but when it comes to others you give them too many chances. When someone hurts you, you forgive them too easily all the while still holding onto that pain. Some people don’t deserve forgiveness.

(Image Via: Pixabay)