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If you follow the phases of the moon, then it’s likely you have heard the term blood moon get thrown around, and if so, think back to January. If not, a blood moon is a lunar eclipse, and we have a partial one happening this month-but that isn’t all, because it’s the thunder moon too!

The term thunder moon has been used by Native Americans because it falls during the time in which we experience frequent thunderstorms. During this time, we will be able to see what appears to be a smiley face on the moon, due to the partial eclipse. When you look to the sky you will see a strange curve down the middle, which makes it appear to be split in half.

One side will be bright, and the other red. According to Astro Seek, during this time, we may be trying to find our place in society, and become dismayed if our attempts to notice go unrecognized, however, if we pull our attention away from trying to be noticed long enough, we will rid ourselves of unnecessary doubt.

As this moon takes place in Capricorn, it may influence our joints, backbone, spinal muscles, skin, hair and our spleen. It’s worth noting that during this time, these particular organs may need extra care. As an Earth sign, Capricorn urges us to approach our lives with more practical measures, which allows us for structures that support us to grow.

If we don’t understand the importance of practicality, we may find ourselves in a bind, as Capricorn is known for tearing down our current life structures, so we can reexamine our lives and rebuild what doesn’t work. Basically, the theme is to move with the energy, or the universe could very well push you!