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While you may not be aware of it, there is a time each day when the veil is at its thinnest and your consciousness links back up with the source on a deeper level. This only happens for one minute, and it is often overlooked.

In the golden moment, the ego itself is suspended, and you are allowed nothing but happiness as you truly take in all that the source has to offer. Whether you’re awake or asleep, this moment really takes hold on you. At this moment your heart and consciousness connects through to those in power.

While quite a confusing concept this is something that we all can really benefit from. You could in a sense obtain everything you’ve ever wanted from this one moment if you harnessed its powers correctly. This minute in itself is a period at which your guardian angel is able to really work in your life freely. A lot of people believe the law of attraction is linked up with this golden moment and in that regards, asking the universe to work in your favor during this minute each day is something to consider.

The more you work to manifest during this minute each day the more prominent the changes in your life will be. You will begin to really feel the healing energies coming forth and in most cases, you will also feel a big difference in your emotional state. The more aware of this moment you are the more connected you will feel with the universe itself.

Now, when it comes to figuring out what that time is each day you have to take into consideration what day of the month it is. The golden moment is something that has to be calculated. You base it off of the month and date meaning if it is the 20th of January 16:20, the golden moment that day would be 4:20. The month reveals the hour and the date reveals the minute.

While this minute rolls around twice each day, it is the golden moment. This minute on both occasions is going to be one you should work with. If possible during this moment stop and think to yourself about the connection you have with the universe itself. Remind your heart of what is important to you and note what it is you wish to manifest if manifesting is something you’re interested in working towards.

If you are able to sit and meditate feel free to do so but don’t feel as though you have to. Simply acknowledging the moment and bringing your attention to it is more than enough to kick things off. It has been said a number of times in the past that this golden moment has Vedic origins but there has not been any ‘proof’ brought forth. Regardless though, if you’re someone who works closely with the energies before you, this golden moment could change your life.

It is said that anything you ask for during this golden moment will become true so be careful what you ask for. Really think things through before you give them power.