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The Gods and Goddesses are always watching over us whether we realize it or not and one important being that often seems to go overlooked is Artemis. Artemis is the Goddess of the moon, and she is always watching us. While it is thought that she replaced Selene and took over her duties, it could be that the two worked hand in hand.

Artemis is the Olympian Goddess of the hunt, the moon, and is even associated with childbirth. She never likes to see anyone struggling and always sticks her neck out where she can. Her mother is Leto and Her father is Apollo. Unlike some of the others Artemis remained pure like Hestia and Athena, she held onto her maidenhood. 

As someone who is seen as the protector of animals, Artemis is often a Goddess many seek to impress. We all should be honoring her as she protects those who are young and in need of guidance as well. Be it young in age or merely young in heart. 

When you’re at your worst perhaps looking to Artemis may do you some good. If you’re a female, she is definitely someone to look up to this not just for her chastity but more-so for her determination. There are lots of ways you can work with Artemis, and she will invite a lot of positivity into your life if you will allow her. You can set up a small altar with a representation of her present on it or merely praise her as much as you’d like. She unlike some of the other Gods and Goddesses is not picky and appreciates all efforts in her favor. 

Those of us who use the power of her moon to our advantage should be thanking her as often as possible and through that also embracing more and more the protection Artemis offers. She sees everything and she is looking out for you more than you may realize. It might not always seem like it, but she may give you a sign when you’re least expecting it.

To those of us who use the power of the moon often, she is in many ways a mother figure. She watches over us and makes sure we’re where we need to be. She allows her powers to flow through us in many ways, and she knows the potential that we all hold. 

To learn more about Artemis overall please check out the video below. She is truly someone worth being well aware of. Even if you’ve never understood her, she has always understood you. If you treat her with respect she too will do the same in return.