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On January 17, we are going to encounter the first full moon of the year, and it’s going to be in Cancer. And while a full moon alone can be emotionally tumultuous by itself, the watery energy of Cancer will only add to the intensity.

Cancer is an emotionally driven sign, pushing us to deeply reflect on our lives during this full moon. Because of this, many emotions from the past year are likely to resurface, which can go one of two ways: either we will push our emotions deeper, leading to them coming out messily. Or we can accept them as they surface and cope with them in a meaningful way.

As we make our way through this full moon, it’s important to keep self-care in mind. Much like other full moons, we are being given time to reflect and to look within. And with the emotional intensity of Cancer, it’s likely some difficult emotions are going to resurface, so it’s expected that we are all going to be in our feelings.

Even though the full moon will arrive on January 17, we will be able to feel its energy for four days preceding it.

While it will be easy to become consumed in difficult emotions, it’s better to allow them to flow, accept them and then, release them. Releasing difficult past emotions can be hard, but it’s an important and profound way to start the new year.

And with the Mercury retrograde emerging just days before (January 14) it’s likely there is going to be a lot to reflect on.

Additionally, Pluto is going to be adding its influence to this full moon, pushing us to reflect on the things we are giving our power to. How much power are you giving difficult emotional circumstances? How much are your emotions in control of your life?

There are all important questions to ask, as we make our way through the next few days.

Perhaps the best approach to the next few days is to place that watery energy that is going to be encompassing you into a creative outlet. Make a painting, write a song or dance like no one is watching. Not only will that allow you to release your emotions into something productive, but it will also allow you to work off some of the restlessness you are feeling from the full moon in Cancer.