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The full moon coming forth this month (February) will be a super moon but is known as the snow moon because of the time of year it is present. As you may know, each full moon has its own name and this one is going to be quite the sight.

The snow moon is going to reach it’s peak on February 9th around 2:30 am EST. That being said the night of February 8th moving into the morning of February 9th it should be visible to most and a very beautiful spectacle. This moon is referred to as the snow moon because of tradition. You see, normally heavy snowfall is found in the month of February.

That being said, the February full moon is also called things like the storm moon, bone moon, and sometimes even the hunger moon depending on what you’re used to in general. Now, because this moon is a supermoon it will be much larger and brighter than your average full moon. Supermoons for those who might not be aware are something we call the full moon that happens when the moon is closest to Earth in orbit. 

WTHR reported as follows in regards to this full moon:

This weekend’s full moon will also be the first in a series of supermoons. A supermoon occurs when a full moon coincides with the moon’s closest approach to Earth in its orbit, according to The moon appears brighter and closer than normal. 

The Super Snow Moon will be visible late Feb. 8 into the morning of Feb. 9. The moon will be at its peak at 2:34 am Feb 9.

While that might not sound like a lot to most if you’ve ever seen a supermoon you know how mesmerizing it can be. It is a great treat whether you’re going out to gaze in the middle of the night or just catching a glimpse on your way home from work. The more you look at it the more mind-blowing it becomes. While we have 13 full months total this year, not all of them will be as beautiful as this one will.

While this full moon will come with lots of energies I’m not going to go over all of those in this article. This full moon will be quite the rollercoaster in more ways than you may expect though. Doing your best to remain grounded is always a good option.

From here we will also see supermoons in March, April, and even May. As you can tell, this year is full of supermoons. To learn more about this celestial event please check out the video below. Will you be taking the time to check out this amazing sight? I know I will.