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The upcoming full harvest moon is going to be a tough time for everyone. For most of us, this will be due in part because we are going to be pushed to face things we have buried in the past.

The full harvest moon to come is going to be on September 24th and in Aries. It will be quite heavy as Saturn will be weighing down hard on us all. Due to this, you may feel restricted and unsettled. IT will not be a comfortable experience for any of us but it will be a necessary one.

Chiron will also play a massive role in the energy of this full moon. This will bring out the wounds within our own beings and force us through them. Anything you have been suppressing will come out. All of those negative emotions you’ve locked inside will be coming out one way or another. You cannot avoid it so you might as well embrace it.

You can work through this and get out on the other side if you truly acknowledge the things before you. Continuing to ignore them won’t do anyone any good. You are going to feel like the whole world is against you but it isn’t. Bringing you to this and through this will really work wonders in your life.

We are all emotional trainwrecks within even if we cannot yet see it. Facing our problems and working through our past mistakes and experiences will make us better people. With this, we will all finally be able to move forward in a positive light. Energetically the anxious feeling you will gain from this full moon will leave once all is said and done.

This whole month is a very positive one for us energetically. It has and will continue to prepare us for the months to come.

Image via RWC News