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As we continue to move through 2020 we’re nearing the end but also facing some new beginnings. On the 29th there will be a full moon and while it’s going to be mixing things up that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The coming full moon will be in the sign of Cancer, and this means our emotions will be coming out to play. Chances are even now you can feel these energies building. I know, it’s confusing but the things you’re feeling you are feeling for a reason. Keep this all in mind moving forward. 

Now, this full moon is going to be one that brings our relationships front and center. We’re going to be focusing on the people we care about and really working to enhance our connections with them. Whether you’re someone who has a romantic partner you’re struggling with or perhaps a family member that you’ve been arguing with during this moon you may find the answers you seek and get things dealt with without being too worked up. 

While tensions will be high for a little while there is nothing holding you back and that’s a plus. You will find that you’re facing more positive omens than negative ones and that the things before you are not as horrible as you had initially thought they were or would be. Change is in the air and our best bet is to embrace it as best we can. 

Astrology King wrote as follows on some of the aspects this full moon will be holding:

Full moon sextile Uranus brings stimulating encounters and exciting events. A lowering of your inhibitions and greater personal freedom means you can actively seek change. This is a good full moon for trying something new in your domestic routine or personal life.

An acute intuition and flashes of insight can guide you in making quick decisions on which way to go. Follow your instincts and make the most of any opportunities that come your way. Chance encounters may lead to instant attraction and new friendships.

Your mood may be changeable and some of your behaviors odd. But you should feel comfortable expressing the unique side of your personality. This is also a good time to break old habits and replace them with something new.

Remember to mind your words while these energies are present. Think through the things you’re going to say before you say them. While we have good things coming that doesn’t mean we are unable to still make mistakes. We are only human afterall. 

The more days that pass the more powerful this moon will become. As it makes itself known you should do your best to embrace all that is to come. Things are really starting to look up and I for one am very excited. To learn more about the energies this moon holds take a look at the video below.