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September is a month of major energetic shifts- with the Virgo new moon that brought us structure and discipline, to the Pisces full moon that is now shifting us towards a more dreamy perspective on September 20th. While both are important and serve a purpose- I have to say the Pisces full moon is my favorite.

The full moon is all about intuition, emotional thought, getting in touch with your self and putting the spotlight on how you feel. Water signs are much like this, or well, exactly like this, and this is why the full moon loves to live in watery signs like Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer.

And even though the month started with a practical Virgo new moon, it’s important to note that one cannot remain practical, rational, and pragmatic at all times. For many, the past energies are still lingering, causing us to become conflicted as we edge closer to the Pisces full moon, which is encouraging us to trust our intuition and tune into our emotional side.

During each full moon, we are called to balance the two opposing energies of the month, between the new and full moons. While Virgo is focused on productivity and getting things done, Pisces is asking you: “What do you want?” What dreams do you envision for your future, and how can you use that practical new beginning you got in the first portion of the month to motivate you towards achieving your dreams?

Thankfully, with Pisces energy comes a creative mindset, and it’s important to think outside of the box when pushing for your biggest dreams and lifelong desires.
Not only are we being called to find a balance between these two opposing energies, but we are also being pushed to finally face our emotions.

Virgo may have blinded us to them as we pushed towards discipline and order, but now, we can run no further without facing them. If we continue to run, eventually, they will bubble over and make a big mess.

Since Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, a planet that is about growth and expansion from an intuitive place now is the time to truly sit down with your feelings and realign with a more spiritual side of yourself. Since the full moon is a time of manifestation and contemplation, you may need to ask yourself what it is that pushes you towards your dreams. What is holding you back? Let go of the negative and realign with your purpose.

Since the Pisces full moon is the ending of the cycle that was started by the New moon in Pisces in March, look back to that time, and think of what your biggest goals were then. What links can you find between the themes of then and now? Have you achieved what you set out to if not, what is holding you back?