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October is almost over and with that, we’re about to be facing the blue moon in Taurus. This blue moon is something many have been anticipating and well, its energies are interesting for several reasons. 

For those who might not know a blue moon can be one of two things but in this case, it is the second moon in a calendar month. That meaning this month holds more than one as the first was back on October 1st. This full moon will be very close to Uranus which means it could be throwing us off in some pretty rough ways. The more you try to make things work, the harder it might end up being to force those pieces to fit. 

Mercury will still be retrograding when this moon comes around and that too will be holding power over our lives. We will be dealing with a lot of inner turmoil while this moon is present and it’s not going to be easy to walk through. The more out of place you feel the more you may also want to lash out and really make yourself known but those are things you probably should be avoiding. 

Astrology King wrote as follows on some of the energies this full moon will hold thanks to Uranus:

Full Moon conjunct Uranus can make you feel restless, anxious, impatient, and jumpy. A sense of impending change can make it very difficult to relax. Emotional volatility and rebelliousness may lead to odd behavior, impulsive actions, rapid changes in direction, and even accidents.

Unexpected events and sudden changes can have a very unsettling effect on relationships. You may have to deal with temper tantrums, emotional detachment, separation, isolation, and a general lack of stability and security.

This erratic and unpredictable full moon is best approached with adaptability, flexibility, and open-mindedness. In this way, opportunities will arise to make creative and positive changes in your life. You will have more freedom to follow your own unique path and express your true inner self.

As you can see, things will not be getting any easier the closer this moon gets and well, its energies won’t just be disappearing once all is said and done. These kinds of energies linger and will likely be present on some scale until the next new moon presents itself. If you feel like there is something you need to get off your chest during this time, find someone you can trust and really make sure they’re hearing you properly. As noted above Mercury will be retrograding which means communication will not be easy. 

To learn more about what this moon holds take a look at the video below. While it might feel like a lot to take in, you can handle it. The universe will not place us before things we cannot handle, have a little faith in yourself, and don’t be afraid to sit back and relax. Tomorrow will be a better day, take things one step at a time until these energies have left your field.