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Dr. Jen Caudle is a doctor who uses TikTok to educate her audience of around 90,000 followers. While her videos have gotten her much acknowledgment, one, in particular, has left the internet SHOOK.

In a recent video entitled ‘5 Body Parts You’re Not Washing Enough,’ Caudle goes into great depth about a topic that may leave you feeling pretty gross. Her first part mentioned was the belly button. “That’s right, a lot of you guys don’t wash your belly button at all,” she exclaims in her video, which now has over 1 million views.

“Guys, it gets gross! Please wash your belly button,” she pleads. Next, she dives into the ears. “The top of the ear, behind this little area here, the back, and also the lobe,” she explains. “I want you to specifically wash that area. If you rub your ear, you smell it and it’s gross, you haven’t washed it recently,” she says.

Then, she pushed forward and onto nails. “This is where a lot of dirt and grossness gets trapped,” she explains. “We don’t often think about it!”

While I could see how people might miss these areas, the next one left me somewhat flabbergasted. Apparently, some people don’t know to wash their legs. “Yes, you actually need to wash your legs,” she explains. “I’m not talking about letting that soap run down your legs in the shower, I’m talking about washing!”

The last one was toes. “Get in between those toes,” she urged. “You want to make sure you’re preventing infections of many sorts. Make sure you’re deliberately washing your toes!” Most of her followers appreciated the video, while others seemed resistant. “Who doesn’t wash these parts? I thought we were all grown here!!” one commenter noted.

Another excused themselves about their lack of belly button washing by saying, “I don’t like my belly button touched lol, it makes me nauseous and lightheaded.”

What about you? Are you missing any of these areas, if so, WASH UP!