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We are all afraid of something, however, sometimes those fears are more obvious than we realize. Have you ever wondered what the things you were drawn to or noticed in things said about you?

Below you will find an illustration that has quite a good bit going on in it. When you look at this picture, what do you see first? What is the thing that stands out before anything else?

That specific thing you notice first tells us a lot about what you might be afraid of in this life. Continue on to see what you chose and what it means for you. This is surprisingly dead on!

Stuffed Animals

The two stuffed animals sitting at the base of each tree are something indicates you may have a deep-seated fear of change. You are afraid of letting go and so you hold onto things that should have been let go of long ago. Sounds about right now, doesn’t it?

The Spider

If you noticed the spider first, then you might be afraid of taking risks. You are someone that does not like to step out of your comfort zone, and you tend to live life in a box. When things like spiders come knocking, you don’t often open the door no matter what they have in store for you.

The Small Girl

If you noticed the little girl first, you are afraid of losing yourself. You are someone that wants to do your best in life, but also preserve who you are. You do not want to ‘grow up’ or turn into someone else. You want to unapologetically be who you truly are.

The Trees

If you noticed the trees, you are someone who is afraid of your past catching up with you. You are always trying to make things right and no matter how hard you try it seems you are not trying hard enough. Stop tearing yourself up inside, if you are doing your best, that is all we can ask.

The Giant Strawberry

If you noticed this, you are most likely afraid of living up to the expectations of others. You are always doing your best to be perfect and make everyone proud, but in the end that isn’t what you want to do or be. Stop living for everyone else, live the life you want to live for yourself.

The Stranger Butterfly

If you noticed this first, you are afraid of missing out. You don’t want to lose out on anything in this life. You are all about living to the fullest extent but lately, you haven’t quite been doing that. Get out there and do what you want to do.

Background Figure

If the distant figure in the background first caught your attention, it might reflect an underlying fear of being exposed. This could mean you place a high value on your privacy and have concerns about being watched or observed without your consent.

The Trees

Were the trees, either in the background or surrounding the skull, what you noticed first? This could indicate a deep-seated fear related to the uncertainty and unpredictability of what the future holds. It suggests you might often find yourself wrestling with worries about the unknown that lies ahead.

The Girl

If the first thing you saw was the little girl, it might point to an inner fear of feeling powerless or helpless. This fear might stem from a past experience where you found yourself in a situation of distress, unable to provide help either to yourself or to someone else, leaving a lasting impact.

The Skull

Interestingly, the skull in the image doesn’t necessarily represent a fear of death. Rather, it could symbolize the presence of a hidden secret or a significant denial you’re consciously making. There might be a concern in your subconscious about this secret being discovered, which underlies this particular fear.

These interpretations provide a fascinating window into the subconscious fears that influence our thinking and emotions. They reveal aspects of our inner selves that might remain concealed from our day-to-day conscious mind.

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(Credit for all artwork in this article goes to babyart/Trevor Brown)