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The way we perceive the world around us has a lot to say about our personality, even the parts that we hide from everyone else. And viewing art has been scientifically proven to increase brain activity, and cause a meaningful shift in our thought process.

One study even found that a one-hour museum trip changed the way that students thought and felt, so much that they had increased critical thinking and even exhibited a higher level of empathy towards others. With that being said, the image below is an interesting piece and within it lies a large scope of images that could be noticed first. And the one that you see first has a lot to say about who you are beneath the mask you wear daily.

1. The Armored Knight

If you saw the armored knight, you may be someone who has built a wall between you and the rest of the world, due to past emotional burdens. However, you crave an emotional connection with others, so much that it causes deep turmoil in your life. Spend time affirming that you are worthy of love, friendship and that you do have the ability to trust.

2. Two Dancers

If you noticed the two dancers, you have a romantic way of thinking about the world around you, so much that you may find it difficult to adequately express yourself. You love and appreciate your closest friends and family but are often unsure of how to say it. And as you observe the world, you often find yourself wanting to join in and have fun/ adventure. Try learning something new.

3. The Elderly Face

You tend to look at the bigger picture and have a hard time appreciating the little things along the way because your eyes are focused on the broader scheme of things. While it is good to keep the big picture in mind, it’s also pertinent to enjoy the journey to get there.