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Which side of your brain do you use most, the right or left side? Did you know that your dominant side was able to influence your personality, your learning style and even how you communicate? Below, we will reveal how you can see which side is your dominant side.

Imagery and symbolism are keys to unlocking how our mind works, both on a conscious and unconscious level. Imagery is so powerful, in fact, that it has the ability to reveal which side of your brain that you use most. Roger W. Sperry was an award-winning (Nobel Prize winning) psychologist who discovered that the brain has two hemispheres, a left and a right.

According to him, each side has its own functions, and this plays a major role in how we navigate through life. In the image below, there are two jungle animals, a tiger and a monkey. And the animal you see first will reveal which side of your brain you use most.

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So, what do you see first?

Image Credit: Brightside

If you see the tiger…

Those who see the tiger first are left-brained. This means that you are someone who is a more strategic thinker. Rather than always considering the world from an emotional vantage point, you tend to look at it from a more logical perspective. Left-brained dominant people tend to be more goal-oriented and organized.

If you see the monkey…

If you saw the monkey, you are likely right brain dominant. Those who are the dreamers and creative types. Instead of seeing things as they are, you tend to look deeper. You often read between the lines and are highly intuitive and emotional. You are the revolutionary thinker-often thinking outside the box and seeing things from your soul, rather than just your brain.


Image Credit Brightside