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You never truly know yourself on the level you might think that you do. You have more traits within that you are unable to see, far too often we forget that our subconscious is not as easy to tap into as we would want it to be.

If you want to learn more about yourself and the kind of person you are you can start by simply taking a look at the picture below. The picture below is made up of images of several different animals. While the longer you look at it the more prominent each one is, the one that matters the most is the one you see first.

Take a look at this image and without thinking decide which animal you saw first. Don’t second guess yourself on this, period. Once you have done this continue on to see what the animal you noticed first has to say about you as a person.


If you saw the elephant first you are a more gentle person than most. You are someone that focuses on family and always wants to help others. While the elephant is strong and wise it is also extremely misunderstood. You always have your life together and you don’t like to be unstable.


If you saw the dog first you are very loyal and trustworthy. You are the kind of person to give love and receive love on a deeper level than most other people. You’re not the kind of person to abandon those you care about because you are fiercely devoted. You do tend to get overwhelmed in life but you always get through it.


If you saw the frog first you are most likely be the kind of person to move forward quickly. You are more in tune with your senses and much more likely to show your unique side than most other people. Very much like the frog you are misunderstood and are not someone most people tend to like. You are the kind of person that someone else might not like until they get to know you.


If you saw the fish first you are most likely a very independent kind of person. You know what you want in life and know who you are. You will not let anyone compromise your well-being and are always quick to trust your instincts. You keep a small circle and don’t bother with most other people.


If you saw the squirrel first you are a very playful and fun person. You are always working hard but still, know how to cut up. You get things done in a way that most people don’t know how to do and it makes you so much stronger in general.


If you saw the eagle first you are a bit emotional but extremely fierce. You set goals and go as far as you need to in order to make sure they happen. You are the kind of person to really get things done, always. You are the most reliable kind of person that there is.


If you saw the tiger first you are very goal oriented and pushing towards success constantly. You hold your own energy and it is much more intense than that of most others. You do not let other people define you and you always hold your own.

(Cover Image Via: BrightSide)