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While it might sound silly, perhaps this little word search of sorts will help lighten the mood you’re in right now. We’ve all been so tense this year, a little fun isn’t going to hurt anyone, is it? As noted in the title, this word search/puzzle is made up of tons of different words. You can basically find anything in it, from food-related words like chipotle to riskier things like boobs.

You’ve likely seen things like this going around before and while they are just for fun, they can be interesting sometimes. What three words will you find first? Were the words you expected or not?

I got travel, money, and boyfriend. This I assume means 2021 for me will be filled with romance, financial stability, and a little vacation? That doesn’t sound too bad.

Are you ready for 2022 after finding your three words? I, for one, am quite excited to see how things play out. Perhaps this in itself will help me to manifest things more properly if nothing else.