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On February 1, we will have a new moon in Aquarius, and that means many wonderful things. Each month, our moon cycles from new to full, and each part of the cycle has its significance.

To add to that, each cycle of the moon has the added energy of the sign it falls under. For example, the new moon by itself represents new beginnings, new cycles, and new journeys. It represents leaving the past behind and cleansing ourselves to start anew.

This particular new moon falls under Aquarius, the visionary of the zodiac. Aquarius energy is unique because it allows us to tackle old problems with a new mindset. Additionally, the added oomph coming from this sign will push you to view life from a new perspective.

You may also be faced with the need to truly align yourself with authenticity, letting go of the masks you wear daily and replacing them with energy that vibrates with you, who you truly are deep down.

Aquarian energy most definitely has a “dance to the beat of your drum,” type of feel, which will make you feel more comfortable with even the strongest parts of yourself.

Throughout the week, beginning on the first, it’s likely you are going to have a variety of new thoughts rushing at you at once. Take this time to touch base with your closest friends and family, and discuss ideas that come to mind. If there has been a problem or a stagnancy present in your life, hindering you from reaching your goals, you should find solace in new ways to approach these goals.

Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of the new moon is that they allow us to take a step back and revisualize the future. So, take some time to set some intentions and get to work on actualizing them. Don’t allow visionary new ideas to lay dormant in your mind, and instead, get them down on paper.

Another energetic feature of this new moon is that it’s going to set off the Saturn and Uranus square, which is going to push us to pick up where we left off on unfinished projects and ideas from around this time last year, to finish them or release them.

Air signs are going to benefit from this energy the most, but everyone will be able to implement this energy, giving them a much-needed boost into the new year!