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The full moon in Leo will be happening on February 16, and it’s going to be a lot. However, if we all play our cards right, this could bring some major and positive changes to our lives.

With that being said, the energy of the full moon in Leo can be intense. The full moon is a time of manifestation and culmination, and the energy of Leo is all about expression and individuality. During this time, we are all going to feel a push to align with our true selves and to align with our destiny.

Of course, because each of us is different, this full moon will affect each sign of the zodiac differently. Here is the upcoming full moon in the Leo horoscope.


Since this full moon will be taking place in your house of romance, it’s going to have a major impact on your love life. If you are in a current relationship, this is likely going to help or hinder your relationship, depending upon how you handle it. Above all, you are going to want to shake things up, and change can be good. Just don’t get too pushy.


This full moon will arise under your fourth house of home and family, so it’s likely to hit home, literally. If things have been getting uncomfortable or reaching ahead (conflict-wise) in your home, these things will likely come out during this time. It helps if you prepare for this head-on, and take some time to peacefully sort through things.


You’ve been pushing down your feelings for a while, Gemini. During this full moon, you are going to feel pushed to release some of these feelings. Try to find a healthy balance between contemplating the feelings you are burrowing, while also facing them bit by bit and allowing them to flow through. Otherwise, you may burst.


Your finances are going to be on your mind, pushing you to take charge of them immediately. Whether it’s the need to save, or simply just the urge to implement a bit more control over your spending, now is the time. Additionally, you may receive some news about a new job opportunity that could make waves in your life.


With this full moon happening under your sign, you are going to be contemplating growth and self-expansion quite a bit. Take advantage of this, and don’t be afraid to take some space and time for self-care. You need a fresh start, so letting go of what is no longer serving you to make way for new habits and pathways on your journey will be helpful.


During this full moon in Leo, your house of dreams and emotions will be activated. Because of this, you are going to feel emotionally charged in the beginning but as the moon passes, you are going to be feeling extremely drained. Be sure to manage your self-care during this time.


Socializing is going to be a major focus for you during this full moon, as it falls under your house of community. You may feel some tensions between you and a close friend, so it’s best to sit down and talk it out, rather than continuing to let the tension build.


You are usually a really private person, but during this time, you are going to feel pushed to reach outside of your bubble. You may notice that your work is getting more attention, and the hard projects you’ve been dealing with will finally pay off. Don’t be afraid to celebrate your success.


Typically, you are a pretty deep thinker, which can cause you to get stuck in your head. Thanks to the full moon in Leo, you will likely be finding clarity in your thoughts, which will make it easier for you to put them into action.


This full moon is going to push you into your shadows, which can be uncomfortable. You may feel a rush of feelings re-emerging from the past, and that isn’t easy. However, by processing this pain, you will be able to align yourself more readily with the growth and expansion to come.


Romance will be on your mind heavy during this time. If you aren’t in a relationship, you will feel a major push to try to seek love out. Don’t be afraid to network and go out on a few dates, as luck will be on your side. If you are in a relationship and feel like the spark is dwindling or could just use a little help, take some time with your partner to go on a fun adventure together.


Right now, your biggest full moon priority is going to be self-care. Ask yourself what is lacking in your wellness routine? Could you be paying better attention to your rest cycles, or trying to implement more movement into your routines?