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On February 16, we will have a full moon in Leo, and the energy surrounding this transit has so much potential for us all. If we play our cards right during this time, likely, we will all be able to manifest our way to a better life.

Every 28 days, the moon goes through a cycle from new to full. The new moon represents new beginnings, and the full moon is a time in which we can manifest certain energies or take time to reflect, depending upon the sign the moon is under.

Full Moon Meaning

Since this full moon will fall under the sign of Leo, we are going to feel pushed to attune ourselves with our destiny. Leo is a very expressive sign, full of life and energy, and is also governed by the Sun. In astrology, the sun is considered to have powerful and life-giving energy. Because of this, its energy is often used to manifest our desires.

Additionally, this full moon will be working with the Lunar Nodes, which are points in the sky that represent our destiny.

While we often think of our destiny as some faraway notion, this moon is pushing us to remember that our destiny is within our reach. You need only to tap into that energy that flows within you already.

Modern society often mistakes our ‘highest destiny’ as being something that is tied to how much money we make, or what our career path is, but our destiny is our highest self. Our destiny is growth, understanding, and expansion from within.

Full Moon Emotions, According to Astrology King

Full Moon quincunx Pluto (0°33′) intensifies your emotions and makes them harder to control. Fears, worries, and secrets that have been buried deep in your subconscious can play on your mind and make you feel bad about yourself. Such intense feelings can escalate to a tipping point that results in an emotional outburst, mood swing, strange behavior, crisis, or relationship drama.

Sharing your complex feeling with a trusted loved one or a counselor will help avoid such emotionally painful experiences. It will also help you better understand yourself and relationship dynamics. You may discover a family secret that also helps you make sense of your own feelings and reactions.

Without conscious awareness and understanding of your intense emotions, you may experience guilt, jealousy, possessiveness, or conflict. You may be drawn to political activism, and extreme beliefs or ideologies. But this should be avoided unless you are prepared for criticism. This is a good full moon to uncover secrets, solve mysteries, explore taboo areas of sexuality, and better understand occult and esoteric subjects like astrology.

Take time during this full moon to think hard about what you want most from life. Also, think about what is hindering you from reaching that place. Try to tune into your destiny and aspirations on an energetic level, and for the best possible outcome, sit down and write out your desires and intentions towards them under the full moon.

Full Moon Summary

Since no planets are currently in retrograde (a situation which is quite rare) nothing is preventing you from reaching for the stars! This is a quite significant moon that truly can change your life if you open yourself up to it.

Pay attention to signs and synchronicities from the Universe, because they will nudge you along in the right direction if you invite them to. Throughout the next week, make sure you set affirmations. A few good ones are: “I await good news.” or “I welcome my destiny.”