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For those who do not know The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and other things of the sort. It is something that represents a lot and well, it is thought to be present in our own minds. 

According to The Eye of Horus depicts a secret area of the brain that holds ‘the potential for each human to attain enlightenment.’ That basically for those wondering referring to the third eye itself. This a representation of what is known as the pineal gland.

(Image Credit: CUREUS.COM)

While The Eye of Horus might not be as easy to understand as we might like for it to, it really brings out a sense of inner light when you’re diving into it. The Eye of Horus when you line it up to the mind seems to show off a part of the brain linked to emotions as well as memories and well, it’s quite interesting that these things line up as they do. wrote as follows on this topic:

The symbol shows us what to change in our body to improve our spirit. Understanding how the limbic system works will help us heal or reshape our brain.

This system is composed of the:

Hypothalamus controls emotions

Hippocampus relates to memories and helps you understand the environment

The amygdala helps coordinate response to things in your environment that trigger an emotional response

Damage to this system stems from trauma like enduring or witnessing abuse, neglect or violence which can result in depression, rage, PTSD and anxiety.

Ancient Egyptians concluded that relaxing the limbic system would heal and reshape our brain.

The first step towards change is to look inward and read everything about this system.


The Eye of Horus depicts the secret part of the brain connected with our emotions.

To reach inner peace and live a meaningful life, it is essential to understand the limbic system.

When it comes to ancient symbols, they represent more than most of us are able to grasp at first glance. To learn more about all of this take a look at the video below. This symbol in itself can be found in so many places.