As we move through the rest of September we’re going to be facing a lot and now with the Equinox present, the Equinox Gateway is open. Sure, it’s going to be closing from now and until the end of the week but until it’s closed the energies we’re facing are going to be bringing a lot.

For those who do not know the Fall or Autumn Equinox happened on the 22nd and from there, we will know fall is finally here. Sure, that might not sound like much to some but with this kind of event a gateway opens up in the energetic world that brings a lot of things we’ve been needing. If you’re ready to find balance, now might be your chance.

While this Equinox Gateway is open we will all be feeling more tuned into our intuitive sides and likely willing to even try new things for once. This period will be one full of growth and prosperity if we allow the energies before us to work properly rather than fighting them. As this gateway begins to close though through the week before us we may feel a little out of whack while things die down.

This Equinox Gateway being open will push us all in the right direction and help us to see that we have come a long way already. It should serve as a reminder for us all that we’ve accomplished a lot this year even if it doesn’t always feel like it. Facing your inner darkness during this time will be crucial and while uncomfortable, it will also allow you to let go of the baggage you’ve been holding so heavily onto.

We are all moving into a new chapter of life and that can be scary but all in all, it is a positive thing and we should not be afraid. Allowing your vibration to reach higher levels during all of this might be a good idea as it will help you to truly understand how aligned you are with your higher self. Ask yourself questions while this gateway is open and really get to know yourself all over again.

Questioning things helps us grow and that we can never deny. Challenges may come but we need to be able to face them properly. As one door closes another opens and right now as this gateway is present we need to be willing to walk through these new doors and face the opportunities that are presenting themselves.

I know, all of this might sound a bit out there but if you’re energy sensitive you’re already probably feeling these things heavily. While they weigh you down they also set you free. Don’t forget where you are and where you’re headed. Things are really going to be looking up soon.

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