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While we often hear a lot about the energies of different moon phases overall most of the times the ones most noted are the full moon and the new moon. These moons are the most noted because, for the most part, they are the most powerful.

While it depends on what sign the moon is in what kind of energies are coming forth there are powers the moon itself brings into play. Below I am going to be going over what energies the full moon and new moon typically bring to the table. Sure, you might think you know but overall a lot of people tend to confuse the energies associated with the two.

Energies Of The New Moon

The new moon overall is a period during which we should be working to reflect and think about things from our past so that we can move on from them. It is a moon that brings forth healing energies and allows us to really grow through the things we’ve faced in general. Because during this period the moon is completely dark, it is a sign of new beginnings.

Energies Of The Full Moon

The full moon is one that brings forth the opposite of the new moon within reason. It brings a lot of emotion to the table and forces us to deal with things that we otherwise wouldn’t. It is a moon that is all about getting things done and figuring things out. During this kind of a moon, the energies around us are pushing us to be better overall.

When the moon is in different signs it is also offered energies from that sign. For instance, if the full moon is in Gemini you’re more likely to open up and think freely. You may find yourself talking about things that you otherwise wouldn’t and coming out of your comfort zone more so than you overall would.

Don’t be afraid of the things these moon phases bring. They are periods of growth no matter how you look at them. The more you let them work for you the further you will get on your path in this world.