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Mercury will be going retrograde next month and while that might seem far away, it really isn’t. The energies of Mercury are very intense, and they kick forth much sooner than most would expect.

For those who might be a bit unaware, a retrograde is a point in time when a planet seems to be moving backward even though it isn’t. It goes through several different phases during this time and the energies associated with it are thrown out of whack. Depending on which constellation the retrograde occurs we could be in for a lot of fun or a lot of pain. If you’ve ever noticed that you were going through something out of the blue that was more extreme than you felt you could handle chances are it was the result of some kind of retrograde.

The retrograde to come will occur in Leo and because of that, it will be quite selfish. This retrograde matched with a Cancer Pre-Shadow phase is going to have everything out of whack as the month of June ends and the month of July begins. On July 7th this retrograde will officially be underway as it will station properly but from the 20th of June and forward you will be feeling some of the effects it has to offer.

During the time that the energies associated with this retrograde will be present chances are you will be feeling quite overwhelmed. The Leo energies are going to give you a lot to think about and those cancer vibes will be bringing out your emotional side. If you do not work on protecting your personal energy now, you will find quite quickly how draining this retrograde is going to be.

Mercury is the planet that rules over things like our communication levels, coordination, processing, and even the ways in which we opt to approach other people. The more out of whack we become during this time the more misunderstood things will end up. It is important to do our best to make our selves clear during this time and avoid serious conversations while things are at their most intense.

During this time period, you should keep in mind that while you will feel more creative and ready to put yourself out there, doing so is not the best idea. You need to spend this time getting your thoughts in order and working to figure things out in your own life before you move forward. Finding a sense of balance will not be easy but it will help you to grow.

For more information on how this retrograde might affect you please check out the video below. What do you think about all of this? I for one cannot wait for it to be over with, this retrograde is going to take a lot out of all of us.