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Once again we are facing a very powerful end to the month of March, last year we noticed that the energies lined up quite well to bring out the best in many of us, and it seems that may be happening this time around as well. If you’ve been dwelling on things and allowing tension to fester, the end of March may bring things to a head.

As we continue to move through the last couple of days in March and into the beginning of April, we should be focused on expressing ourselves as well as working through things we otherwise wouldn’t. I am sure if you’re energy sensitive you can feel how full of growth the energies around us are right now. These energies are demanding and powerful, we shouldn’t ignore them or take them lightly.

These energies have been weighing heavily on me for weeks now and the more I allow them to work for me it seems the further I get in my path. While we are going to be going through a lot in the days to come, we should keep in mind the universe will never place us before something we cannot face. We are stronger than we tend to think and the things before you are all things you’re capable of facing with your arms wide open.

As scary as it might feel to keep trecking forth into the rest of 2021, there are great things coming. We are all beginning again and finding new ways to be true to ourselves. This in itself is beautiful and honestly, should be celebrated. Don’t assume something is off just because you don’t understand it, this place we call home works in mysterious ways, and in the end, we will find ourselves right where we need to be.

This year so far has proven to be just as nuts as last year, but things are getting better and we are all being presented with energies that will help us heal from the things we’ve been experiencing. I know, it might not sound like much, but it’s a chance to really reach out properly and make something of ourselves. The more we come together right now, the more progress we will end up making when all is said and done.

I am not afraid of the things to come, and you shouldn’t be either. These energies are here to help and that is exactly what they will do. Don’t focus too much on the uncomfortable things and see where you end up as this month closes out.