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On September 20th, we will enter a full moon in Pisces. Not only will this full moon have you deep in your feelings- but it’s also going to deepen your intuition for the dreamiest moon of the year!

Every 28 days, the moon reaches the full cycle and becomes its fullest version. During this time, the energy of the moon deepens to its fullest extent, and its intuitive power grows. Many often associate its vibrations with our emotional and intuitive side. With that being said, Pisces is a zodiac sign which is represented by the element of water. Of the three water signs, Pisces is thought to be the most spiritual, intuitive, and emotional.

When you combine the power of the moon with the power of Pisces- something amazing takes place!

First, it’s important to note that the energy that will be manifested during this cycle and the full moon, goes back to the Virgo new moon. You may find that throughout this time, issues and focus points will only become clearer to you. If you refuse to work on emotional issues you had during the new moon- you may find that they will continue to snowball and eventually reach a climax around the full moon.

Since we have time between now and then, it’s important to start to work through your shadows. What are you refusing to face? As the moon builds to full- you are going to see these shadows emerge, especially when you add to the fact that we are already nearing the Mercury retrograde shadow.

During the weeks before Mercury retrograde, which will happen on September 27th, there is a shadow phase. This often causes suppressed issues we have refused to communicate or work to resolve to slowly bubble to the surface and come at us full circle.

If you take into account that all of these energies are starting to build- it is easy to see why this month is a truly powerful one. And as Virgo is telling us to get our sh*t together, Pisces will make us see all of our sh*t in its most authentic form. Your intuition is telling you what is needed- and Virgo is kicking you to the finish line.

Thankfully, as we reach the full moon- and as Pisces is urging us to see these shadows that are emerging, we will have the ability to release them during the full moon. Rather than refusing to see your emotional turmoil- let go of what isn’t serving you. Is that anger and resentment you are holding onto pushing you towards change, or is it dragging you down?

Now is the time to decide, and if it isn’t serving you, let it go.

Due to this being a watery full moon- it’s important to use our heart & soul to guide us through. The remnants of the Virgo new moon are likely dogmatically tightening its grips- but it’s best to escape the grips of Virgo now and ease into the loving arms of Pisces.

This full moon above all is pushing you to tune into your intuitive side. What is your heart trying to tell you?