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While you most likely know a good bit about your ‘zodiac sign’ overall chances are you haven’t even heard of the Egyptian zodiac itself. This is nothing like what you’d expect and doesn’t link up with your Sun sign in the ways you would expect it to. 

The Egyptian horoscope stems from one of the oldest calendars, period. It is more-so based on the mythology of ancient Egypt and gods present through their culture. While it does still consist of 12 signs, those signs are quite different from what you might be used to.

Astrology K wrote as follows in regards to the Egyptian horoscope as a whole:

In the Egyptian horoscope, the entire annual cycle was divided into small periods of time. Each of them was governed by a deity who not only predetermined the life of a person but also gave him features of his own character, bestowed secret knowledge, revealed the riddles of controlling supernatural processes. The Egyptian Zodiac includes 12 signs: Nile, Amon-Ra, Mut, Geb, Osiris, Isis, Toth, Horus, Anubis, Seth, Bastet, Sekhmet. Each sign, except the Nile, symbolizes the Egyptian god or goddess.

The character of the deity, by whose name the sign was named, was also the character of man. The behavior of man, his features and skills were reflected in the properties of the ruling sign of God. 

Below I am going to go over each of these different signs and break down what they can reveal to us about you as a person. While they might not be as well-known as other means of getting to know yourself, they can work wonders in regards. With the exception of The Nile, these are all very powerful gods and being able to relate back to them is mind-blowing.

The Nile (January 1-7, June 19-28, September 1-7, November 18-26)

People who belong to this sign are very powerful for a number of reasons. They are able to begin again at any point in their lives and can overcome all obstacles that are thrown their way. While it might not always seem like it the passion within those born of this sign runs extremely deep.

Amon-Ra (January 8-21, February 1-11)

Those born under this sign are confident and very driven. They are always trying to outdo themselves and working to create something more. They do not let this world overshadow them and are always looking for a brighter spotlight to shine under.

Mut (January 22-31, September 8-22)

Those born under this sign are very unique in their own ways. They are kind and nurturing to all and usually go out of their way to help the people who need them the most. They might not always know what they’re doing, but they do always get it done.

Geb (February 12-29, August 20-31)

People born under this sign are sometimes quite overwhelmingly emotional. They are very sensitive and quite willing to show the sides of themselves that they shouldn’t be sharing with anyone. They do not operate in the same way that the rest of these signs do, point-blank.

Osiris (March 1-10, November 27-December 18)

Those born under this sign are usually much more vulnerable than they let on. They are headstrong but also quite weak in places that matter the most. While independent energy, those born under this sign thrive much more properly in the presence of people who care for them on a real level.

Isis (March 11-31, October 18-29, December 19-31)

If you were born under this sign you are someone who goes out of your way to ensure the people who matter to you are protected. You do your best to keep your word and don’t normally waste time on things that will not help you in the future. You’re not the kind of person that anyone can just come around and ‘mess with.’

Thot (April 1-9, November 8-17)

This sign is one that represents a great sense of hard work and shows us that those born under it can solve any problem that comes forth. These people are always creating and never slowing down.

Horus (April 20-May 7, August 12-19)

If you were born under this sign you are a very strong individual. You are full of courage and usually quite willing to take all the risks needed to succeed in this life. People who are not of this sign usually struggle to keep up with you.

Anubis (May 8-27, June 29-July 13)

As someone born under this sign you are the kind of person who works to bring peace to the world around you. You might come across as cool and collected most of the time but you know when you need to put your foot down and are capable of doing-so. People tend to find you quite intimidating.

Seth (May 28-June 18, September 28-October 2)

You, with this sign are someone that wants everything done a specific way. You might come across as a bit of a spoiled brat sometimes but that is within reason. People who happen to fall under this sign might be good at speaking, but they are also good at getting their way above all else.

Bastet (July 14-28, September 23-27, October 3-17)

If this was your sign you are someone that works to ensure balance is quite present around you. You do not let people walk all over you and usually trust your intuition above all else. People who fall into this sign category are normally very open-minded and you are a good representation of that.

Sekhmet (July 29-August 11, October 30-November 7)

People born under this god were and are very much grounded in their lives. They do not obsess over technology and are usually quite nature-oriented. They are smart and useful for a lot of reasons in a lot of different ways. If you were born under this sign you are someone who makes sure things play out in a way that is fair for everyone involved.