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Overthinking or worrying, in general, can lead to a lot of different symptoms that present themselves. A lot of people think that worrying or overthinking as a whole is something all in the mind but it’s not.

Some of the symptoms that seem to come with overthinking/worrying are things like dry mouth, nausea, muscle aches, muscle tension, headaches, and even dizziness. I personally always end up with headaches and nauseous when I am worrying heavily. Depending on how severe your overthinking is it can really dig into lots of parts of your life.

Overthinking leads to lots of stress and can keep you up at night, make you want to eat more or perhaps less, and even get your heart all worked up. This kind of thing can really hold you back in more ways than you realize and the more aware of that you are the better. Sure, we all overthink but working to keep that kind of thing in check as best you can is important.

According to KUTV overthinking can even shorten your lifespan which they wrote as follows touching on:

According to the study published in the journal “Nature,” the brains of people who died in their 60s and 70s were missing something that those who died at 100 had: the REST( RE-1Silencing Transcription) protein.

This type of protein helps quiet down brain activity and reacts to genes that are known to spark the brain when thinking.

Researchers discovered that the brain tissue in people who lived to be 100 had a lot more of this protein. Those in their 60s and 70s had little.

Currently, it’s not possible to measure REST in a living brain.

Before testing their findings in human brains, researchers used worms and mice by increasing and decreasing their brain activity. They found the same results: animals that did not have REST in their brain tissue died at a much faster rate.

Professor Bruce Yankner, the report’s lead author, said in a statement that the date “could have such far-ranging consequences for physiology and life span.”

If you’re staying up late at night, dealing with tension headaches, and really just not feeling yourself that overthinking is seriously affecting you. In order to try and get that under control you should try to meditate more, take time for yourself to relax properly, and talk to someone about the things you’re experiencing. It’s important to have a proper support system to lean on when times are hard.